Carbon and Alloy Steels
The company manufactures a variety of parts from 4130N, chrome molly
steel, including engine mounts, fuselages, tail planes and seat
We also carry out extensive repairs on engine mounts, fuselages,
tailplanes and seat assemblies.
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    Upon receipt of the engine mount it is grit blasted and
    inspected for corrosion damage.
    Any areas requiring repair are noted and the customer
    advised of the work to be undertaken.
    We maintain a wide range of assembly jigs to suit most
    engine mounts. The jigs are used during the repair
    process to ensure correct alignment of the finished item.
Bell 47 engine support frames are fabricated and welded
as part of out clients APMA.
Bell 47 Engine Mount
Tubular steel airframes regularly require repairs as a result
of internal and external corrosion and accident damage.
We are able to undertake these types of repairs on Piper
Pawnee, Piper Brave fuselages and tailplanes, Bell 47
and Kawasaki KH1 mainframes and tail booms and a variety
of “Home Builds”.
Engine Mounts