Items manufactured from 6061T6 grade aluminium include fuel tanks for
the Bellancia Decathlons, Hoffman H-36 Dimonas powered gliders and
various kit built aircraft.
Items rebuilt and repaired from aluminium for the the Aviation Industry
include, fuel tanks for Cessna 150’s, Cessna 172’s and Decathlon’s, as
well as induction assemblies and alternate air boxes for various Cessna
and Piper aircraft.
We are also able to weld repair several types of oil coolers. For General
industry we carry out weld repairs to various Blow Moulds and Injection
Dies manufactured from 5083 and 6061 grade aluminium. We also carry
out repairs to aluminium frames for mountain bikes and hi-tech racing
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    Weld repairs to Bottle dies manufactured from 5000 and
    6000 grade aluminium.
Aluminium castings such as gearbox housings, crankcase
covers and machine parts are able to be repaired.
Aluminium Castings
We carry out weld repairs to various Blow Moulds.
               Blow Moulds
We rebuild and repair Cessna 172 Fuel Tanks.
Also Cessna 150’s and Decathlon’s.
    Fuel Tanks