About Us Aviation Welding Australia Pty Ltd has been established at Building 101 Archerfield Airport since December 1994 and presently employs three Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved aircraft welders and is the holder of a CAR 30 Workshops Approval for the Maintenance of Aircraft Components and an Australian Parts Manufacturing Approval. The company’s welders have the authority to weld aluminium alloys, carbon and low alloy steels, corrosion and heat resistant steels and nickel alloys for the aviation industry using the Tungstan Inert Gas method of welding. We also have the capability to carry out highly specialised and accurate welding on aluminium and tool steels for the Die and Tool Making Industry and other areas of General Industry. Copyright 2003 Aviation Welding Australia PTY LTD All Rights Reserved Contact RegHart - Manager PO Box 1068 Archerfield Qld 4108 (07) 3277 4375 (07) 3216 7576 Aviation Welding        Australia Building 101 Archerfield Airport Brisbane Qld   Webdesign By Jean Mair Postal Address Phone: Fax: Location: Email Us: Aviation Welding Australia